Lat week Hydrowheel UK attended Greenbackers COP26 event. We felt it was important to remind us all that we are not just trying to protect the planet for our kids sake, we also have to set them a good example. We have to prove that we can innovate and invest for the future, we decided to take some of our youngest team members with us to COP26 to give them the opportunity to see what it’s like to be at such an event, it was a really big opportunity for Hydrowheel and for the kids.

We really enjoyed sharing our story with everyone at COP26 and we were inspired by the many fantastic ideas that were presented. It was fantastic to see so many people with the same mindset as the Hydrowheel team in one place.

Ken Morrow – Hydrowheel Managing Director commented

“Our whole team had an amazing time down in Glasgow for COP26. We wanted to get across the message that we not only have to protect the planet for our children, we have to set them an example on how to innovate and invest too”

See the full video of our presentation at COP26 below